Community & Voluntary Supports

Community & Voluntary Supports


The Department has lead responsibility for developing the relationship between the State and the Community and Voluntary Sector. This includes implementation of the White Paper on a Framework for Supporting Voluntary Activity and for Developing the Relationship between the State and the Community and Voluntary Sector.  The White Paper was published in September 2000 and it commits the Government to provide a range of funding measures to support the Community and Voluntary Sector.

The White Paper is concerned with the nature of the relationship between the Community and the Voluntary sector and the State and with structures and other elements that underpin that relationship. Its aim is to provide a more cohesive framework of support and encouragement for the Community and Voluntary sector. It gives formal recognition to the partnership ethos that informs much of the working relationship between the two sectors, while recognising the differences between them. It notes that not all voluntary organisations want a working relationship with the statutory side.

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