Framework Policy for Local and Community Development in Ireland (2015)

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Our Communities: A Framework Policy for Local and Community Development (2015) was approved by Government on 15 December 2015.

The Framework Policy will be implemented on a cross-government basis and will seek to secure a joined-up, collaborative and participative approach to local and community development at local level.  The development and implementation of policies, programmes and other interventions will be carried out by central and local government in line with the Framework Policy’s five core objectives. 

The Inter-Departmental Group on Local Government and Local Development will oversee and monitor the implementation of the Framework Policy, developing an implementation plan to advance the measures associated with each of the five core objectives.


Implementation Plan for Framework Policy

In November 2016, the Department hosted a national forum in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on local development and community development in Ireland.  The purpose of the forum was to bring key stakeholders together to consider the Government’s Framework Policy for Local and Community Development in Ireland and to identify actions for inclusion in a multi-annual implementation plan for the Framework Policy.

The report below summarises the outputs from the forum.  It sets out the key issues and priorities the forum participants felt needed to be addressed, as well as the actions participants suggested could address those issues and priorities.

A Framework Policy for Local and Community Development in Ireland - National Forum November 2016 - Summary Report

We intend to develop and publish an implementation plan for the Framework Policy in 2017.  The implementation plan will be informed by the output from November’s forum, as well as the submissions made as part of the consultation process for the Framework Policy in 2015. 


Further Submissions on the Plan

To secure as broad an input as possible, however, we will continue to accept input to the implementation plan until 31st August 2017.  In this regard, suggestions on priorities and actions that might be captured by the plan can be forwarded to  

Suggestions can also be sent by post to:-

Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government
Libraries Development and Community Policy Section
Government Offices
Co. Mayo