Ireland's Nuclear Policy

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We are responsible for implementing Government policy in regard to nuclear safety, nuclear emergency preparedness and radiological protection.

Ireland's policies on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament are the responsibility of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Government does not support the use of nuclear power within the State on grounds of public health and safety, environmental protection and security.  This is set out in legislation, under section 18 (6) of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, on the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation in Ireland.

While we do not have a nuclear power industry in this country, it is the Government’s long-standing position that, where another State chooses to develop a nuclear power industry, this should be done in accordance with the highest international standards with respect to safety and environmental protection.  Ireland’s priority is the safety of the Irish people and the protection of our environment, including the shared marine environment of the Irish Sea.  In this regard, the EPA’s Office of Radiological Protection carries out an environmental radioactivity monitoring programme throughout Ireland and has regularly monitored levels of radioactivity in the Irish environment since 1982.