Sustainable Development in Ireland

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Sustainable Development is usually defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Our Sustainable Future - 2012

‘Our Sustainable Future’ – the Framework for Sustainable Development in Ireland identifies some 70 measures to be implemented across government and tasks a high-level inter-departmental group with ensuring that the vision set out in the policy document is translated into clear and effective action.

‘Our Sustainable Future’ sets out the challenges facing us and how we might address them in making sure that quality of life and general wellbeing can be improved and sustained in the decades to come. It also charts progress achieved since sustainable development became the global focus of attention.  Also see Our Sustainable Future - Summary

Our Sustainable Future Progress Report 2014

Following a meeting of the High-Level Working Group in March 2015, the 2014 Progress Report on progress in implementing the Framework was submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Infrastructure and Climate Change for consideration and noting.

As outlined in the update report, Ireland continues to move in the right direction generally across the spectrum of sustainable development goals.  While the economic downturn provided some temporary respite in areas such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, it impacted negatively on progress in other more investment-intensive areas.  As economic activity increases, maintaining the focus on sustainability in parallel with economic recovery and growth (sustainable consumption & production) will be important.

The 2015 progress report will be finalised following the high level meeting due to be held in March 2016.

Sustainable Development work by the National Economic and Social Council

This department supports NESC in its work researching and considering areas of interest to the sustainable development agenda in Ireland.  The Council’s published work is available on their website.

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