Minister Hogan Publishes Redacted Hennessy Report

Published on Friday, 17 Jun 2011

Minister Hogan Publishes Redacted Hennessy Report


Minister Hogan Publishes Hennessy Report

Mr. Phil Hogan T.D., Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government today (17 June 2011) published on his Department’s website (, the report prepared by Mr. John Hennessy S.C. on the Dublin Waste to Energy Project proposed for Poolbeg, subject to certain redactions.

Mr. Hennessy was appointed by the former Minister, Mr. John Gormley, as an Authorised Person under section 224 of the Local Government Act 2001, to examine potential financial risks associated with the project within a given set of scenarios.  In preparing his report, Mr. Hennessy had access to a wide range of documentation, including certain material of a commercially sensitive nature, details of which it has been necessary to redact in the report, as published.

“I am publishing the report in the interests of openness and transparency, but have had to redact commercially sensitive aspects, thereby respecting the confidential nature of certain information which was provided to Mr. Hennessy to assist him in compiling his report“, said the Minister. 

Commenting on the report, the Minister added; “Mr. Hennessy was required to work within predetermined parameters and scenarios set in the Terms of Reference given to him.  Having consulted with my Government colleagues, I have concluded that there is no national waste policy justification for the Government to intervene in this matter.  The Dublin Regional Waste Management Plan makes provision for the project and decisions in relation to it are a matter for the two parties to the contract, Dublin City Council and Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd”.

In conclusion, the Minister indicated that his focus is firmly fixed on completing, by the end of the year, the review of national waste policy which he has initiated and that responsibility for waste management plans and their implementation is, and will remain, a matter primarily for local authorities, guided by the internationally recognised waste hierarchy (which the Minister transposed into Irish law earlier this year).


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