Local Government Efficiency Review Group

Local Government Efficiency Review Group

Local Government Efficiency Review Group

Arising out of Budget 2010, the Local Government Efficiency Review Group was established in December 2009 to carry out an independent review of the cost base, expenditure of and numbers employed in local authorities.


The Group, which presented its report to the Minister in July 2010, made 106 recommendations (in effect a menu of options for consideration to be pursued in the short, medium and long terms) and identified a range of efficiency savings and other revenue options.  These totalled €511m (€346m in efficiencies and €165m in improved cost recovery and revenue raising).  A number of the recommendations will require legislative change, or action supported by agencies in the public sector other than within the local government system.


The executive summary of the 2010 report and press release may be found here.


One of the key recommendations of the Report was the establishment of an Implementation Group to drive and oversee the implementation of relevant recommendations of the Report.

Local Government Efficiency Review Implementation Group

The Implementation Group with independent chair Pat McLoughlin and private sector expertise was established in April 2011.  The Implementation Group was asked to oversee and advise on the delivery of efficiency gains and savings in areas such as shared services, procurement, value for money and audit in the local government sector.  It was asked to focus particularly on driving key recommendations of the Report that will remove costs and yield earliest financial savings for the sector and the economy generally. 


The Implementation Group published its first report to the Minister on Wednesday, 25 July 2012.  The Minister’s press release is here 


Implementation Group – Terms of Reference

The Group will consider and report periodically to the Minister in relation to the following matters:


  • The prioritisation of those recommendations of the Local Government Efficiency Review Report that will yield the earliest and greatest financial gains;


  • Action planning in the local government sector and updates on progress in relation to prioritised recommendations;


  • Further measures, where necessary, to achieve implementation and/or enhance efficiency; and,


  • The delivery of services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


In carrying out its work the Group will:


  • Engage as it considers necessary with local authority stakeholders, including representative associations for councillors and managers, to further refine the approach to implementation of efficiency measures;


  • Take account of the work already underway through various fora in the implementation of recommendations and Government policies on local government reform and the current state of the public and local government finances generally and The Transforming Public Services Programme and the Public Services Agreement 2010 – 2014; and,


  • Make regular reports to the Minister with its initial report to be made within six months.


The Minister may from time to time provide further advice or direction to the Group in carrying out its work.

Implementation Group – Membership

Mr. Pat McLoughlin (Chairman), Chief Executive, Irish Payments Services Organisation, and former chairman of the Local Government Efficiency Review Group


Mr. Des Dowling, Assistant Secretary, Local Government Division, Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government


Mr Garrett Fennell, Managing Director, GFC Consulting Ltd


Mr. David Hearn, Consulting Partner in Charge, Deloitte


Ms. Anne O’Keeffe, Former Director, Office of Local Authority Management

Implementation Group – Secretariat

Local Government Policy,
Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government,
Custom House,
Dublin 1.

Email: lger@environ.ie
Tel: +353 (0)1 888 2826
Fax: +353 (0)1 888 2643

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