ESB Connections

This dataset of new electricity connections which are recorded every month by ESB Networks measures the number of homes connected to the electricity grid and thus becoming available for use.  It does not reflect work in progress. This dataset includes one-off homes, multi-unit scheme developments and apartments as well as some re-connections to the grid, where properties that have been unoccupied for over two years are being brought back into use. This dataset may also include units at some unfinished housing developments which have been reactivated in line with the recovery in the housing market.

Information in respect of progress on finishing out unfinished housing developments is available on the Housing Agency website at

The Department is collaborating with the ESB Networks and the Central Statistics Office to obtain additional, more granular data from their datasets to get a further and deeper understanding of the various components of the overall connections data.

A breakdown by house type is available. Further details are available in the notes section of each datasheet.

A breakdown by sector (private and social housing) only becomes available once social housing data becomes available. Hence the data is only available on a quarterly basis.