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National Emergency Management

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National Emergency Management

Each Government Department has to make sure that it has emergency management arrangements ready in case an emergency happens in its area of responsibility.  Where a Department is designated “Lead Government Department” it is responsible for coordinating the response to a situation with other Departments and/or services.

Task Force on Emergency Planning - (Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Threats)

This group was set up by the Government and is chaired by the Department of Defence. Its members are representatives of all Government Departments and agencies involved in the emergency planning process, as well as the Principal Response Agencies and the Defence Forces. Its aim is to ensure that preparations are in place for a coordinated response to all possible threats.

Office of Emergency Planning

This office was established within the Department of Defence to take a lead role in emergency planning and meet the new threat from international terrorism.  It helps co-ordinate the responses of the various Departments and agencies.

National Steering Group on Major Emergency Management

This group's role is to put the Framework for Major Emergency Management into place.  Once the Framework is in place it will update the system according to what lessons are learned.  The group will then report its findings to the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning.

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National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management
The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
Rm. G59
Custom House
Dublin 1
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