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When fire breaks out, it can spread quickly. The family needs to act quickly. Preparation can save valuable seconds. A rehearsed fire escape drill can make all the difference.

Your Fire Drill at a Glance

  • What do we do when the smoke alarm sounds?
  • Practice the plan until perfected.
  • Close all doors behind you as you leave.
  • The stairs are your primary escape route – keep them clear.
  • If your clothes catch fire – "Stop, Drop and Roll".
  • Do not re-enter the house for any reason "Get Out and Stay Out!".
  • Phone the fire brigade from outside.
  • Decide on a meeting point outside the house near where the fire brigade is likely to arrive.

If you are prevented from leaving by smoke, heat or fire:

  • Seal off the spaces in the door openings with sheets or clothing or a sheet to stop smoke from entering.
  • Always keep down on the floor where the air is cleaner and cooler.
  • Go to the window, open it and call for help.
  • The window may be the quickest and safest way for the fire brigade to rescue you.

Using this information practice the drill every few months with your family.

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