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About the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management

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Who are the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management ?

The National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) was set up in 2009.  We are a section in the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government who co-ordinate emergency responses and give support to the Irish Fire Service.

About us

The NDFEM supports the fire service by updating work and safety guidelines for firefighters.  In 2013 we published a policy document called “Keeping Communities Safe – A framework for Fire Safety in Ireland" (KCS) This document outlines changes to the standard response targets, the role of the fire service and how these changes will happen.  We also published a document called “CAMP – The next Generation - Further Development of Fire Services Communication and Information Facilities" (CAMP) in 2013.  This document is about the updates and changes that will be made to the way the fire service communicates and collects data.

For emergency management, the NDFEM works with other government departments and the Local Authorities to plan how to deal with major emergencies like severe weather or flooding.  This is a coordinated plan.  Different Government Departments have been nominated to take the lead depending on the type of emergency.  The Department of the Housing, Planning and Local Government's role as Lead Government Department

National Directorate structure

There are three parts to the NDFEM:

  • Department of the Housing, Planning and Local Government staff
  • the Management Board
  • the Consultative Committee

Department staff

The staff in the Department do the administrative work.  The work in the office is split according to the different types of work done in the NDFEM.

The Management Board

The Management Board ties all the parts together.  Its sees what needs to be done, gets advice from the Consultative Committee and then decides how to do it.

Management Board Membership

Name Title Local Authority/Business
David J Callaghan - CHAIR    
Owen Keegan Chief Executive Dublin CIty Council
Mary Hurley Assistant Secretary Dept. Housing, Planning and Local Government
TIm Lucey Chief Executive Cork Couny Council
Kevin Kelly A/Chief Executive Galway County Council
Pat Gallagher Chief Executive Westmeath County Council
Seamus Neely Chief Executive Donegal County Council
Brian Sweeney Chief Fire Officer (rtd.) Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service
Seamus Murphy Chief Fire Officer Mayo County Council
Conn Murray Chief Executive Limerick City & County Council
Pat Corcoran IIF Committee Chair Irish Insurance Federation
Brian Spain Director Dept. of Defence
Seán Hogan National Director Dept. Housing, Planning and Local Government


The Consultative Committee

The Consultative Committee is part of the National Directorate.  Members of this committee are from the Local Authorities, the Fire Service, Workers Unions and architectural consultants.  The committee meets to discuss issues and give recommendations to the Management Board.

Consultative Committee Membership

Name Position Local Authority/Business
Conn Murray - CHAIR County Manager Limerick City and County Council
Clare Curley Director of Services South Tipperary
Karl Cashen Director of Services North Tipperary
Oliver O'Loughlin Director of Services Limerick City and County Council
Seamus Murphy Chief Fire Officer Mayo County Council
Pat Fleming Chief Fire Officer Dublin CIty Council
Adrian Kelly Chief Fire Officer Clare County Council
Maria Melia Chief Fire Officer Wexford County Council
Dave Spillet Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer Cork City Council
Declan Power A/Chief Fire Officer Laois County Council
Mary O'Brien Senior Executive Fire Prevention Officer Dublin City Council
Pete McDonnell Station Officer Mayo County Council
Greg Burnell District Officer Dublin City Council
Noel Reidy Consultant Reidy Brophy Ltd
Michael Slattery Consultant Michael N Slattery & Associates
Alan Hill Consultant Tourism Developement Ltd
Michael Fitzsimons Civil Defence Officer Meath County Council
Paul Dunne Assistant CEO LGMA
Peter Bluett Consultant Bluett/Donoghue Architects
Pat O'Riordan Specialist in Emergency Management HSE
Eamon Woulfe Representative IMPACT
Eddie Ryan Representative IMPACT
Noel Heaney Representative SIPTU
Brian Murray Representative SIPTU
Tom Daly Representative SIPTU
Paul Keegan Representative SIPTU
Ciaran Scallan Representative SIPTU


Contact details

National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management
The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
Rm. G59
Custom House
Dublin 1
D01 W6X0

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