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Custom House Visitor Centre - Details of the exhibition

The Custom House Visitor Centre is currently closed for operational reasons. However, it is intended to have it redeveloped and upgraded as a key Decade of Centenaries legacy project to mark 100 years since the burning of the Custom House on May 25, 1921.

The four main elements of the exhibition are –

  • Met Éireann’s ‘weather-themed’ room looks at the development of scientific meteorology in Ireland with a special focus on the weather of Easter Week 1916 and the weather on 25 May 1921, when the Custom House was attacked.  It highlights the unfailing commitment of weather observers who took daily weather readings, sometimes against all odds.
  • The Custom House and 1916, including the story of some Local Government staff dismissed for participating in the Rising, Bureau of Military History statements of prisoners in the Custom House after the Rising, and activity in the area of the Custom house during the Rising.
  • Gandon, telling the story of the architect James Gandon and the construction of the Custom House.
  • The Custom House Fire 1921, covering the events of 25 May 1921 and the subsequent restoration.