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General guidance on the preparation of maps and drawing supporting a foreshore consent application

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Given the variety of developments on the foreshore, guidance on exact map/drawing requirements will be given at the pre-application stage.

Preparation of maps for attaching to foreshore consent approval

  1. The map should be of suitable scale on A3.
  2. The map should be titled: Foreshore Licence/Lease Map (as appropriate) and contain the Foreshore File Number
  3. Red should be used to outline the lease/licence area(s) and should not be used elsewhere on the map
  4. Temporary works areas should be included and outlined in an appropriate colour other than red
  5. The map should only show the areas to be leased/licenced and not the proposed tructures/development/works to be placed within the lease/licence area
  6. The co-ordinates of the proposed development (site boundaries) to Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM)
  7. The map must be prepared on behalf of the applicant by a competent Engineer and certified as follows:
  • Signed with his/her usual signature
  • Print full name and address
  • Print full qualifications
  • Dated

Development map

Delineate the proposed site in red on a latest edition Ordinance Survey map at a scale of 1:2500 indicating:

  • the entire area (i.e. that on foreshore plus that within the functional area of the Local Authority);
  • the area of foreshore involved(outlined in red). This is that part of the proposed development which is below the line of high water of medium tides;
  • the co-ordinates of the proposed development (site boundaries) to Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM);
  • the metric measurements of the foreshore involved (i.e. hectares, metres squared or square kilometres etc). Where more than one area, areas must be labeled alphabetically and the area must be provided in metric units for each area shown.
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