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'Construction 2020, A Strategy for a Renewed Construction Sector' - Department's Role

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Construction 2020 sets out a package of measures agreed by the Government and is aimed at stimulating activity in the building industry. It consists of 75 action points to ensure that necessary and sensible development can take place, and that it is not held back by unnecessary obstacles.

A number of government departments are responsible for the delivery of the actions set out in strategy, including this department.  We are working hard to implement our actions.  We have already delivered on a number of important measures aimed at improving and increasing housing supply.

What has this department delivered?

We have made excellent progress against major milestones in the strategy. In particular:

  • The publication and implementation of the Social Housing Strategy 2020
  • The establishment of the Housing Supply Task Force for Dublin
  • Improvement in the quality and availability of construction data
  • Reforms have been introduced in the private rented sector
  • The Urban Regeneration and Housing Act  2015 was commenced and provides for important reforms in the planning area including revision of Part V, reduced development contributions,  and the introduction of a new  vacant site levy
  • We are continuing to deliver on the Homeless Implementation Plan
  • A crucial and final phase to resolving the unfinished housing development issue has been reached
  • The Housing Agency published the National Statement of Housing Supply and Demand. The first of its kind in this country, which presents the most up-to-date information available in relation to housing supply and demand
  • Three new regional authorities have been established
  • The local programme of works to improve the quality and enhance the energy efficiency of existing local authority stock  is continuing
  • The Mortgage to Rent Scheme has been expanded
  • The Building Control Management System is now firmly established as the standard means of building control administration.

We will continue to work closely with industry and other key players and continue with the implementation of other measures in the Strategy to ensure improvements in the construction sector are achieved.