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Employer’s Requirements for Detail Design of Quality Housing

Employer's Requirements Front Cover

The purpose of this document is to set out the general quality of materials, finishes and fittings to be provided in a Social or Affordable Housing and/or Apartment Development, funded in whole or in part by the Department. This document also provides an acceptable approach to the general preliminary items to inform the tender documents for any associated housing construction contract.

This document provides greater certainty and promotes consistency across the country, as to the quality and nature of such materials finishes and fittings which the Department in the context of delivering value for money, considers appropriate, balancing initial capital costs, reasonable life expectancy and foreseeable maintenance costs during the lifetime of the dwelling.

This document may be used by local authorities (LA) or Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) to brief either their own internal professional staff or for the appointment of external consultants. It may also be used to set the standard of quality to be delivered in any form of Design and Build, with the addition of other documentation and contractual requirements.

This document is not a specification or construction contract document, nor does it purport to set standards of construction or workmanship etc. For tender and contract purposes a project specific General Construction Specification (see 1.6.3 below) should be written, as part of the Works Requirements, which should reference all applicable standards.