Local Authority Housing Scheme Statistics

This page deals with the activity under the various housing schemes run and supported by local authorities.

Local authorities provide various forms of housing support, including:

  • building and purchasing houses
  • supporting Approved Housing Bodies to buy and/or build
  • providing accommodation using the private rented sector  e.g. Housing Assistance Payment scheme,  Rental Accommodation Scheme , Social Housing Leasing Expenditure Program
  • provision of grants e.g. housing adaptation grants
  • other schemes which expand or improve current living conditions
  • This image displays a bar chart of the number of units in the social housing construction programme as of the end of the second quarter of 2017. The graph shows that there are 11,049 units approved and progressing through the stages of planning and design
  • This image displays two bars which relate to the targeted and actual delivery of social housing solutions under various delivery programmes in 2016.The graph shows that targets were exceeded during 2016 with over 19,000 solutions being provided.

Affordable housing and Part V statistics

Information provided on the activity under the affordable housing schemes including:

  • Shared Ownership
  • 1999 Affordable Housing Scheme
  • Mortgage Allowance
  • Part V

Overall social housing provision

Information provided on the delivery of units under construction and acquisition schemes operated by local authorities.

Other local authority housing scheme statistics

Information provided on the activity in these schemes:

  • Improvement Works In Lieu of Re-housing
  • Extensions of Local Authority Housing
  • Sale of Sites Scheme
  • Housing Adaptation Grants
  • Traveller Accommodation

Local authority rented sector activity

Information provided on the local authority rented sector including stock levels and rents received.