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Minister English announces €71.25 million funding to Improve the Homes of Older People and People with a Disability

Published on Monday, 11 Mar 2019
Aire Stáit Damien English TD

Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Mr Damien English, TD has today (11 March, 2019) announced the allocations for the €71.25 million made available in 2019 for Housing Adaptations Grants for Older People and People with a Disability living in private houses. The increased funding supports home adaptations for older people, people with a disability and people with mobility issues. It will enable older people and people with disabilities to remain living independently in their own homes for longer and will also facilitate early return from hospital.  

Announcing the allocations, Minister English said “I am pleased to be in a position to increase the funding for this important scheme by some 8% in 2019’’.  All local authorities will be getting an increase in 2019 compared to their 2018 allocation.   Last year these grants assisted over 9,400 households and this year I expect that some 11,800 households will benefit from the schemes.”  He added: ‘I am also pleased that funding has been increasing year on year since 2014 and this shows the importance that is attached to the scheme.  These grants have an immense impact on the quality of life of the many beneficiaries and play a vitally important role in helping people with a disability and people who are reaching an age in life when they are less mobile, to continue to live independently in their own homes.

Grants of up to €30,000 are available to assist people with a disability in carrying out necessary works to make a house more suitable for their needs, up to €8,000 to assist older people living in poor housing conditions to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out and up to €6,000 for mobility aids to address mobility problems for a member of the household.  The grants are 80% funded from the exchequer by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, with 20% funding from the relevant local authority. The grants also create employment opportunities for builders and local businesses and help reduce the dependency on our health services by supporting independent living for as long as possible.

‘’I am confident that today’s allocation will continue to build on the progress made since the introduction of this scheme in 2007 and it will demonstrate the Government’s continued commitment to older people and people with a disability. This follows on from our launch last week of our policy document Housing Options for our Ageing population, which committed further resources for the elderly.” the Minister concluded.

 Carlow  €1,271,518  €317,880  €1,589,398
 Cavan  €1,197,834  €299,458  €1,497,292
 Clare  €1,764,304  €441,076  €2,205,380
 Cork County  €4,663,506  €1,165,877  €5,829,383
 Cork City  €1,595,005  €398,751  €1,993,756
 Donegal  €1,175,055  €293,764  €1,468,819
 Dublin City  €6,765,242  €1,691,310  €8,456,552
 DLaoire/Rath  €1,932,462  €483,115  €2,415,577
 Fingal  €2,702,222  €675,555  €3,377,777
 Galway Co  €2,124,130  €531,032  €2,655,162
 Galway City  €911,069  €227,767  €1,138,836
 Kerry  €1,917,155  €479,289  €2,396,443
 Kildare  €2,492,730  €623,182  €3,115,912
 Kilkenny  €1,538,111  €384,528  €1,922,638
 Laois  €921,818  €230,455  €1,152,273
 Leitrim  €406,786  €101,697  €508,483
 Limerick  €2,681,304  €670,326  €3,351,630
 Longford  €653,881  €163,470  €817,351
 Louth  €1,365,441  €341,360  €1,706,802
 Mayo  €2,549,833  €637,458  €3,187,292
 Meath  €1,855,111  €463,778  €2,318,889
 Monaghan  €1,014,980  €253,745  €1,268,725
 Offaly  €995,958  €248,990  €1,244,948
 Roscommon  €861,571  €215,393  €1,076,963
 Sligo  €1,124,238  €281,060  €1,405,298
 South Dublin  €2,076,021  €519,005  €2,595,026
 Tipperary  €2,576,436  €644,109  €3,220,545
 Waterford  €1,617,729  €404,432  €2,022,162
 Westmeath  €1,034,527  €258,632  €1,293,158
 Wexford  €1,799,449  €449,862  €2,249,312
 Wicklow  €1,414,574  €353,643  €1,768,217
 Total  €57,000,000  €14,250,000  €71,250,000


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