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Older People

Older People

The below guidelines apply to any application made before 31 December 2013.  Revised guidelines will be published shortly.  Please contact your Local Authority (Housing Section) with any queries.



Housing Aid for Older People

The Scheme of Housing Aid for Older People is available to assist older people to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out to their homes.
The effective maximum grant under the scheme is 10,500 euro which may cover up to 100% of the cost of works.
Q. Who can apply?
A. Older people, generally aged over 60 years, who require necessary repairs or improvements to their homes.

Q. Is there a means test?
A. Yes. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of household means.  The maximum grant of 10,500 euro , to cover up to 100% of the cost of works, may be available to applicants with gross household incomes of up to 30,000 euro per annum tapering to 30% for applicants with gross household incomes of between 54,001 euro to 65,000 euro per annum.  The same means test will apply in every local authority area.

Q. What type of work is allowable?
A. The types of works allowable under the scheme can be varied and may include structural repairs or improvements; re-wiring; drylining; repairs to / replacement of windows and doors; provision of central heating, water and sanitary services; contract-cleaning; painting and radon remediation works.

Q. How do I apply ?
A. Contact the Housing Grants Section of your local authority.

Task Force on Special Housing Aid for the Elderly

The Task Force on Special Housing Aid for the Elderly was set up in 1982 to undertake an emergency programme to improve the housing conditions of elderly persons living alone in unfit or unsanitary accommodation.  The Task Force includes representatives from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, FAS, A.L.O.N.E., Local Authorities and the Departments of Environment, Community and Local Government, Health and Children and Social and Family Affairs. The scheme is operated on the ground by the Community Care Departments of the Health Services Executive and the work is carried out by contract or by the use of FAS Schemes. 

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