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NDFEM Statement on Preparations for Storm Atiyah

Published on Saturday, 07 Dec 2019
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Weather Forecasts

The National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) Severe Weather Team in the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government have been monitoring, with Met Éireann, Storm Atiyah  as it moves towards Ireland.

The current Met Éireann forecast indicates that, Storm Atiyah (Ah-tee-ya) is forecast to track between Iceland and Ireland during Sunday producing strong winds and heavy rain from Saturday evening through to Monday morning.

  • Status yellow winds will affect the country from Saturday evening through to Sunday morning and winds will increase further reaching orange level for Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick. The yellow wind warning will continue for the rest of the country.
  • A spell of heavy rain is forecast for all areas this evening (yellow rainfall warning for Donegal) and will be followed by squally heavy showers during Sunday.

Local Response and Coordination

NDFEM have been in contact with local authorities covered by the Met Éireann wind warnings associated with storm Atiyah, and standard emergency response and coordination arrangements as well as public information messaging have been activated.

Public Safety

NDFEM contacted Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, who will relay the current warnings to the Transport Operators. IRCG are issuing public safety advice for all coastal areas. An Garda Síochána will issue public safety advice for road users.

NDFEM contacted OPW in relation to the risk of coastal flooding. This storm will coincide with neap tides along the west coast. Based on the current forecast, OPW do not foresee significant coastal flooding.

NDFEM have also linked with ESB Networks, which are on standby to respond to any damage to the supply network arising from Storm Atiyah . As always ESBN’s main focus prior to and during the storm is safety of the public and staff, and they will continue to reiterate safety messages through the media, websites and social media.

On-going Monitoring of Situation

NDFEM will continue to monitor the weather situation with Met Éireann. Appropriate response and local coordination arrangements are in place..