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One day / short term events guide

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Events and activities such as horseracing, tag rugby and filming on the foreshore require a licence under section 3(3) of the Foreshore Act.   Any such activities may also be subject to any bye-laws in place for the location concerned.

Pre-application, consultation and preparation

A pre-application consultation with the Marine Planning and Foreshore Section is required.  In general, consultation over the phone and or by email will suffice.  Depending on the nature, scale and location of the activity wider consultations may be required.

The local Garda Síochána and Local Authority should also be consulted as certain permissions, detailed below, are also required.

List of documentation required to support application

  1. Completed application form which must have the applicant’s original signature
  2. Ordnance Survey Map of 6” scale (latest edition) with the precise location of the proposed short duration event clearly marked on the Map in a distinctive colour (3 copies)
  3. Confirmation in writing from An Garda Síochána that they have no objection to the short duration event taking place.
  4. Confirmation in writing from the Local Authority that they have no objection to the short duration event taking place.
  5. A letter from the Local Authority confirming if an Event Licence is required.  If an Event Licence is required, a copy of the licence should be attached to the Foreshore licence application.
  6. A copy of an Insurance Certificate confirming that adequate insurance is in place for the proposed short duration event.  The copy Insurance Certificate must state that both the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform are indemnified against any claims.
  7. Pre-application consultation correspondence.

Review of application

The application will be reviewed by the Marine Planning and Foreshore Section.  Where a licence is granted, site/activity specific conditions will attach to the licence.

Charges / Fees

Generally a nominal licence fee of 127 euro applies (635.00 euro for 5 year licences). An invoice will issue to successful applicants if approved. (Please note that this application fee may be subject to review).

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not required for short duration events.

Public Consultation

A public consultation process is not required.

Form of consent

A 3(3) licence is issued directly from the Department.

Application form

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