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Public Consultation - Review of Part V of the Planning and Development Act, 2000

The Part V housing supply provisions in Section 93 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 have played a significant role in the delivery of social and affordable housing since its introduction and there are many people in good quality housing today as a direct result of the Part V supply mechanisms.

 However, the reality is that Part V was designed for a housing market radically different to that which we now have which is why the Government’s Housing Policy Statement (June 2011) announced a full review of Part V and a standing down of all affordable housing schemes, including shared ownership, in the context of that review.

Accordingly, the Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency was asked by the Department to commission a Part V review consultation document that would reflect the reality of our changed circumstances and consider the issue of planning gain in the housing sector taking account of prevailing market conditions.  The consultation document reviewing Part V, prepared by DKM Economic Consultants and Brady Shipman Martin, was presented to the Department in late 2012 and it sets out an analytical context for a public consultation process that will assist in future policy development.

The document reviews the effectiveness of Part V as a housing delivery mechanism and assesses whether it remains an effective mechanism. The Department now seeks public comment on the document and, in particular, on the range of possible actions arising with specific reference to the options outlined on page 60 (and set out in detail on pages 61 – 67). Future policy decisions will be informed by the outcomes of this consultation process.

The DKM / Brady Shipman Martin review document is on the Department’s website.

Submission Return Details 

Consideration and comments are welcome between now and Friday 27 September 2013. Comments can be sent in writing to the address below or, via email,

Frank Walsh,
Housing Regulation, Coordination & Statistics Section,
Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government,
Newtown Road,

What We Will Do With Your Response

Please note that any comments received may be published by the Department in due course.


Status History

Status - Closed
Friday, September 27, 2013