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Marine Planning Policy Statement

The Government published Ireland’s first Marine Planning Policy Statement (MPPS) alongside the Draft National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF) in November 2019. The MPPS:

  • Draws together and describes the existing components of Ireland's marine planning system;
  • Outlines a vision for the future development of the marine planning system;
  • Sets out the overarching policies and principles the Government expects marine planning bodies and other public bodies that engage with the marine planning system to observe (in terms, for example, of public engagement, transparency, governance, environmental assessment, climate action, social and economic benefit);
  • Sets out high-level priorities for the enhancement of the marine planning system in Ireland.

The Marine Planning Policy Statement serves as a parallel to the 2015 Planning Policy Statement which underpins the operation of the entire land-planning system in Ireland. It will apply to all facets of marine planning. It is being introduced initially on a non-statutory basis, pending the introduction of legislation in 2020 that will provide for the preparation, adoption and review of statutory marine planning policy statements on six-yearly cycles. It reflects the comprehensive updating and renewal now underway of Ireland’s marine planning system, setting out core principles to inform evolving marine planning and development management processes.

Submissions received during the public consultation on the MPPS