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Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF)

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The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) will help to rejuvenate significant but underused areas in Ireland’s five cities and other large towns. It is a key part of Project Ireland 2040 - the Government’s National Planning Framework and National Development Plan.

The aim of the URDF is to stimulate new residential and commercial development in our larger cities and towns. New services and amenities will support these new developments, and help achieve the ‘compact growth’ that was set out in Project Ireland 2040.

We have responsibility for implementing the URDF, which has an allocation of 2 billion euro in the National Development Plan (NDP) to 2027.

Next Steps

We will be meeting with successful applicants (over December/January) to discuss the detail of funding allocations and agreed progression of proposals while formal feedback on unsuccessful applications will be compiled in December for issue. 

Given that the process involved in finalising agreements with successful applicants is currently on-going, project conditions will only be concluded after this process which in part involves commercially sensitive information or proposals subject to a formal consent or acquisition process at a later point.

The appraisal process involves an appeal mechanism for unsuccessful applicants, within a specified time period, which they can utilise once notified of their markings.

It is expected that a second call for proposals for 2020 funding will be launched in early 2019.  A workshop will be organised in advance to prepare applicants and local authorities for the next call (and for DHPLG to receive feedback) and prior to the development of the next call. 

It is envisaged that this application period will run until summer 2019

Abbey Quarter Project, Kilkenny

Work has started at the Abbey Quarter Project in Kilkenny City. This project, due to be funded in part by the URDF, involves the regeneration of the former Smithwick’s Brewery site. The site will be converted into an urban quarter with commercial, recreational and community uses whilst enhancing the city’s medieval heritage. The Department plans to record aspects of this project from start to finish through online content. You can keep up-to-date with the project’s progress here.