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Water Conservation Grant

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The Water Conservation Grant was introduced by the Government in 2015 with the aim of promoting water conservation and environmentally-friendly use of water services in the home.

Applications for the 2015 Water Conservation Grant have now closed. It is too late to apply for the 2015 grant.

Due to the suspension of domestic water charges in 2016, the Water Conservation Grant is also suspended this year. The grant will not be available in 2016.

The conservation of water in the home is critically important in protecting national water sources and the efficient use of our water resources. The department has produced a leaflet for householders on low-cost ways to conserve water and use water services in an environmentally-friendly way.

2015 Water Conservation Grant

The Department of Social Protection (DSP) administered the grant on behalf of this department in 2015. Irish Water’s customer data, transferred to the DSP for the purposes of the grant, is securely protected and is not used by the DSP for any other reason.

A memorandum of agreement on data protection between the department, the DSP and Irish Water was signed in June 2015.

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