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An Fóram Uisce (The Water Forum)

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An Fóram Uisce was statutorily established in June 2018, pursuant to the Water Services Act 2017.  Upon its statutory establishment, the pre-existing Public Water Forum and the National Rural Water Services Committee were dissolved and their functions transferred to An Fóram. 

An Fóram provides an opportunity for stakeholders to debate and analyse a range of issues with regard to water quality, rural water concerns, issues affecting customers of Irish Water and the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive

In particular, the functions of An Fóram include but are not limited to:

  • advising the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government in respect of water conservation, rural water services and the interests of the customers of Irish Water;
  • advising the Water Policy Advisory Committee in relation to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in Ireland; 
  • making recommendations to Irish Water in relation to the performance of its functions;
  • advising and providing observations to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities;
  • examining such other water-related matters as the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government requests and advising the Minister accordingly.

For more information on An Fóram Uisce, please visit its website at

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